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The artist is called KS
The album is called: THE TINNITUS MADE ME DO IT
It has just been released and it has gotten a very good buzz and plenty of downloads online.
CD DESCRIPTION : Ambient/ Dance/ Pop/ Electronica
“A collection of funky beats and smooth grooves”
The CD’s site is : www.myspace.com/kokiband
The CD is available for purchase now at Tower Records, CDBaby and Artistlaunch.com

Artist BIO:
KS is Jose Cassella, an accomplished Cinematographer of music videos and TV Commercials, and also an experienced drummer and keyboard player, who after scoring several of his own film projects, decided to start releasing his own albums. This CD marks his debut as a musical artist.
Jose Cassella plays drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, synths and synth programming on all his music.

Jose Cassella records at his own studio, KSMUSIC In Orlando, Florida.
Our contact info is:
Thanks again for your valuable time.
Jose Z. Cassella



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