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Help us to honor Dirk Dirksen and our San Francisco counter culture music scene where it all began.


Dirk Dirksen Alley Memorial Plaque

The City of San Francisco to honor Dirk Dirksen

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The City of San Francisco has authorized the street naming of Dirk Dirksen Alley at the former Rowland Street location. For those of you who don't know, Rowland Street is the alley next to the old Mabuhay Gardens location at 443 Broadway Street in North Beach.

With your help we will be purchasing a memorial plaque and installing it at the Dirk Dirksen Alley location.

H.E.A.R. will be managing the contributions going towards the Dirk Dirksen plaque creation and the city sidewalk installation. Our goal is to raise $3000.00

Please help the friends and family of Dirk Dirksen and the City of San Francisco to complete this last step to honor the Pope of Punk and San Francisco's Counterculture Music Scene that he presided over.

Thank all of you for your wonderful support! And a very special thanks to San Francisco Supervisor and Comic Tom Ammiano, Supervisor Ammiano's Legislative Assistant Zack Tuller. Many thanks to San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin, Barbara Moy SFDPW, Liz Lerma SFDPW, Durden DiJaida SFDPW, Rich Bridygham SFDWP, San Francisco Chronicle Music Critic Joel Selvin and H.E.A.R.

We are in the final steps. Remember it's almost here....so we need your help. As Dirk would say... Onward and Upward!

Dirk Dirksen produced thousands of shows 7 nights a week at the at the Fab Mab with partner Ness Aquino the former owner of the Mabuhay Gardens Filipino Super Club at 443 Broadway Street.

Dirk gave many young bands and scene makers their start such as: the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Devo, Iggy Pop, The Dammed,The Ramones, The Mutants, Crime, The Nuns, Vktms, The Symptoms, The Avengers, Damon Molloy, Dirksen Molloy Productions, Ron Jones, Pearl Harbour and The Explosions, Translator, Voice Farm, Minus One, Flipper, The Offs, Anti- Matter, Anti- Bodies, 84 Rooms, The Lifers, Romeo Void, Los Olividados, Alienation, The Sleepers, Nervous Gender, Toiling Midgets, The Middle Class, Rubber City Rebels, Das Block, The Dils, The Tools, The Pluzs, No Alternative, Roky Erickson, The Faction, Faith No More, Courtney Love, The Screamers, Husker Du, Bad Posture, The Units, Polkacide, The Dictators, The Wasp Women, Red Kross, UXA, Chester Simpson, Michael Snyder, The Yanks, Perfect Strangers, Jim Carroll, X ,The Go Gos,The Punts, Chris Isaak, Nyna Crawford, Minimal Man, Factrix, The Tanks, The Lewd, Housecoat Project, DRI,Times 5, The Elements of Style, Social Distortion, The Squares, Seizure, WarningSF, Joe Allen and The Shapes, Nu Models, Tommy Tutone, Jimmy Crucifix, Chrome Dinette, Roy Lonny and The Phantom Movers, Filmore Struts, Control, The Wolverines, The Weirdos, Noh Mercy, Esmerelda, Minute Men, Whoopi Goldberg, ZEV, Medgadeth, Magister Ludi, The Germs, 45 Grave, The Mummers and the Poppers, Glen Branca, Tom Amminao, Interference, Jody Fosters Army, Ike, Marilyn, The Farmers, Denise Demise, Boy Trouble, Sudden Fun, Toxic Reasons, The Beat Nigs, Blind Illusion, Les Claypool, The Fleshtones, Naomi Vice, Wall of Voodoo, Novak, Tragic Mulatto, Oingo Boingo, The Plimsouls, Mr. Clean, SSI, Push Ups, The Golden Gate Jumpers, The Bags, Phranc, The Appliances, The Hostage, The Beans, Social Unrest, The Alley Cats, The Humans, The Visitors, David Bassin, The Llyods, Annette Jarvie, Chris Coyle, Baby Buddha, The Varve, Wilma, Frightwig, Snakefinger, Pop-o-Pies, The Sheets, Neal Young, Versus, The Contractions, Bad Religion, Crucifix, Subhumans, D.O.A., Mojo Nixon, Tuxedo Moon, Adolescents, Electra,The Angry Samoans, Blondie, Verbal Abuse, House of Wheels, Suicidal Tendencies, Negative Trend, Barry Simons, Mary Monday, Ginger Coyote and Punk Globe, V. Vale and Search and Destroy Magazine, Silvertone, John Epstein, The Cowboys, Soul Rebels, Lemon De George, Steve Tupper, Fast Floyd, Eye Protection, The Fried Abotions, Free Beer, Pillage People, Howie Klein, Cosmo, Andy Bruntguys, Randy Seanor, Kid Courage, Inflatable Baby Boy Clams, Fritz Mutant, Ruby Ray, Pink Section, No Sisters, Meri St. Mary, Winston Tong, Winston Smith, Jello Biafra, Jennifer Blowdryer, The Flesapoides, Carole Lennon, Lennon Studios, Psycotic Pineapple, Doris Fish and the Sluts A Go Go, Carmel Sterling, Jet Boy, Julie Stein, Danielle Barbardazzi, Insect Idol, Bad Attitude, Chuck Profit, Laura Lorda, Alan Black, Michael Reidy, Black and Blue, Afflicted, Red Rockers, Excecutioner, XMas Eve, The Mixers, Fall of Christianity, The Hoi Polloi, Backstage Pass, The Wounds, The Outfits, Levi and the Rockettes, Naked Regan, Rick and Ruby, Leila and the Snakes, The Units, Exedous, The Verbs, Wayne County, Vauxhall, Day Glow Abortions, Ron the Ripper, The Covaris, The Sea Hags, TSOL, Agent Orange, Brat, The Specticles, Circle Jerks, The Hoovers, The Mentors, Voidoids, Slits, Diamanda Galas, The Adaptors, Rythm Method, The Swinging Possums, The Noise, Fifth Column, The Ghouls, Barry Beam, Tammy Why Not, Rox, Gere Fenellie, The B Team, Peter Bilt and the Expressions, Shaken Street, Lou Rudolf, Donna Franklin aka Sweet D, Fuck ups and the Fuckettes, Sweet Tommy, Murder, Personality Crisis,Toxic Reasons, The Spit Muffins, Screamin Sirens, Alex Carlin, The Insults, Rebels and Infidels, Urban Asoult, Short Dogs Grow, Jane Doe, Warzone, Misfits, Bill Spooner, Until December, DJ Jonathan E, Mark Pauline, VS, Ultra Sheen, Vermillion, the Saints, Toni Basil, Nico, Black Randy, Michael Cotton, Peal E. 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The Dirk Dirksen Memorial Plaque Drive will be presided over by executive director/co-founder of H.E.A.R., /bassist, Kathy Peck.

H.E.A.R. – Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers, Inc. is a non profit 501 ( c ) (3) dedicated to the prevention of hearing loss among musicians and music fans. Serving the music community since 1988. www.hearnet.com

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