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When you contribute to H.E.A.R. Partners, you choose which of the H.E.A.R. program's educational and promotional opportunities you wish to support. Join H.E.A.R. Partners today, and you'll help make hearing health the number one health issue in America!

H.E.A.R. Partner Benefits:

* Receive your own H.E.A.R. Partner audiology, medical business or music industry contact listings and referrals on HEARNET.COM. HEARNET.COM receives over 7 million hits!

* Receive name recognition in the H.E.A.R. Partner section on H.E.A.R.'s web site HEARNET.COM

* Receive a link to your web site from the H.E.A.R. Partners section on HEARNET.COM.

* Receive increased commercial and promotional opportunities for your practice or company through association with H.E.A.R.'s ongoing media campaigns and celebrity public service announcements (PSAs).

* Receive interactive access to music professionals, music consumers and health professionals via HEARNET.COM

* Receive periodic news updates on H.E.A.R. Partner activities programs. Your charitable donation goes to: *Underwrite grassroots hearing conservation advocacy programs.

*Underwrite hearing health research studies that will benefit musicians, audio professionals and all music fans (e.g. data analysis to help set guidelines for safe sound environments for entertainment venues, audiologic evaluation of sound perception and music products.)

*Sponsor workshops that address sound exposure and hearing health for music industry trade shows and music and health science school programs.

*Co-sponsor a consumer ad campaign on hearing health.

*Co-sponsor a H.E.A.R. benefit concert or H.E.A.R. Records benefit CD.

*Underwrite a direct mail campaign targeting boomers, youth, musicians, audio engineers and other industry sectors.

*Promote hearing awareness with earplugs in handy key chain cases that are customized with your company logo.

*Underwrite the development of an interactive online workshop on hearing health.

*Provide a general contribution for the education efforts and awareness advocacy activities of H.E.A.R..

Why we are H.E.A.R. Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.) is a 501 (c ) (3) nonprofit public benefit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing hearing by promoting education and awareness of hearing issues. From public service announcements in mainstream media, to information and earplug tables at concerts across the U.S., H.E.A.R. is dedicated to promoting awareness of hearing damage. As a voice of concern between the music and medical communities, we are determined to make our message heard. H.E.A.R. receives no state or federal funding.

Your contribution to H.E.A.R. is greatly appreciated and is tax deductible to the fullest extend allowed by law.

H.E.A.R.'s Goals are to:

* Create a strong network of hearing healthcare professionals and music industry professionals committed to promoting education and awareness of hearing issues.

* Increase public awareness about hearing loss and tinnitus.

* Encourage strong public policies related to hearing loss prevention.

* Increase the quantity and quality of hearing loss prevention campaigns and programs.

Good hearing is crucial to everyone. Through the financial support and resources of hearing health professionals and industry members, H.E.A.R. will educate the public on the impact of over-exposure to excessive sound, safe hearing conservation practices and hearing protection. H.E.A.R. wants everyone to enjoy the music for years to come.

Please join us by becoming a H.E.A.R. Partner today!

I'd Like to Become a H.E.A.R. Partner


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