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Dr. Pro Plug


1-888-507-7565 or
locally 831-425-5920
fax 831-425-0178

719 Swift St. Ste. # 101
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Website: www.proplugs.com

Performed Protective Earplugs Virtually unnoticeable, Doc's Proplugs are an inexpensive, long-lasting, ready-to-wear earmold that provides hours of wearing comfort in vented 20dB or solid plugs. The innovative concave design is available in eight sizes from tiny to extra-extra large and is made of soft, hypoallergenic Kraton (tm).

"You Can't Play If You Can't Hear"

live performances, whether you're a performer or a listener, tend to be loud. Because of ever increasing crowds and large venues, volume levels are "maxing out" on a more frequent basis. And this is where the problem has become serious. The more you exposed to loud music, the more you increase your chances of hearing loss.

Proplugs are different because you can get vented or solid plugs offering you two different levels of sound protection. Our vented plugs block out 20db of the higher frequencies, but do not muffle the sound nearly as much as a solid plug.

Doc's Proplugs (ready-fit)

Donation to H.E.A.R. made in honor of Peter Erskine.




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