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Join the H.E.A.R. Street Team:

1. To join the street team, you must do the following things: ...

2. hearnet.com/shop/index.shtmlOrder Earplugs and H.E.A.R. Club Cards -Hearing FAQS flyers on line:

(Be sure to enter your HEAR Street Team Discount Code.)

3.Or: Free Download and print out flyers

H.E.A.R. Street Team Rules/Guidelines:

You must show courtesy to any people you are passing out info to at the clubs or, at music events that include club employees.

Defer any hearing questions to the H.E.A.R. hotline at 415-773-9590.

Thank you for being active in this street team; we do not expect you to spend ALL your free time on promoting H.E.A.R. However, a little of your free time is appreciated.

Have fun, and of course get out there and promote H.E.A.R. to the best of your ability. And for Street Teams member who want to pass out ear plugs at clubs and other music events email us for more guidelines and your HEAR Street Team Discount Code.

Promote H.E.A.R. as much as possible...pass out fliers. Get the word out!.

Here is the H.E.A.R. Street Team list:

As of right now, we are currently adding cities to the list, as it is under construction. Your state/city is available now.

Please e-mail us for the following:

If you are not listed, let us know and we will change it right away.

If you would like to resign from your position.

E-mail us with a update on what you've been doing to better help promote H.E.A.R.

Setting up a H.E.A.R. table with earplugs contact us


H.E.A.R. Promotions:

What can you do to promote H.E.A.R.? Here are some ideas...

1. Pass earplugs and these flyers out to anyone and everyone! Hand out earplugs and flyers at your gig, at concerts, malls, theme parks, school dances, music stores, rehersal halls, other events, to your friends, etc.

2. Blogs, Message Boards & Chat Rooms: Tell everyone about how great H.E.A.R is and important is to protect their hearing!

3. Artist: Email /mail your fav artist to link or banner link or link Hearnet.com on their website. Tell them about H.E.A.R. how important it is to have us at their shows.

Like Us facebook.com/HearnetOfficialtwitter.com/hearnetdotcomyelp.com/biz/hearing-education-and-aeareness-for-rockers-sanfranciscomyspace.com/hearnet join and share our cause.

4. Shop Hearnet.com/shop/index.shtml

5. HEAR Custom Earplug Pouch Order Sheet Information: Order your logo or website on custom Logo HEAR Earplug pouches for you next gig or event!

6. Contact Clubs about your H.E.A.R. Street Team. Let us know where you will be.

7. Let us know how you are doing --all the H.E.A.R. Street Team members let us know what you are doing for H.E.A.R. H.E.A.R. Street Team Bands and DJ's tell us about your gigs so we can let everyone know.

8. Musicians and DJ you can sign up for a H.E.A.R. Street Team table at your show. Maintain an info table for H.E.A.R. at your gig, mention H.E.A.R. on stage to your fans and in interviews. Put a H.E.A.R.'s banner link or link HEARNET.COM on your website or mention H.E.A.R. in their flyers or CD.

Like Us facebook.com/HearnetOfficialtwitter.com/hearnetdotcomyelp.com/biz/hearing-education-and-aeareness-for-rockers-sanfranciscomyspace.com/hearnet and join and share our cause.

9. If there is a show in your area, get in contact with all the street team members going to that particular show. So that all the members can meet up and promote together.

10. Get H.E.A.R. the exposure that it deserves! Contact us for more info on Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Create your own PSA for HEAR on You Tube or M3P for radi3.

Radio and TV Stations: put a link or HEARNET.COM on your website.

Like Us facebook.com/HearnetOfficialtwitter.com/hearnetdotcomyelp.com/biz/hearing-education-and-aeareness-for-rockers-sanfranciscomyspace.com/hearnet and join our cause.

Play H.E.A.R.'s New Artist PSA! Download H.E.A.R.'s MP3 PSAs or, Email us a mp3 or youtube PSA.

9. Zines contact us about writing an article for your publication or free ad space for HEAR PSA ad space permitting.


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