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eBay Charity Auction for H.E.A.R. LIVE!

Donate Auction Items to H.E.A.R. for an IRS tax deduction

H.E.A.R. and NAMM Team Up To Provide Hearing Protection at the NAMM Conference 2012!

Celebrating Women in the Music Industry
A new section of the NAMM's Oral History Library online features the interviews with nearly 200 women in the industry.
features Kathy Peck of HEAR interview

In Ear Monitors 101: MusicPlayer.com

2011 Grammy.com article: Turning Up Hearing Education

Contra Costa Times, Mercury News, Oakland Tribune 2011: Are we in denial about loud music & hearing loss

2011 Summer NAMM Nashville July 21-23 HEAR BOOTH

2011 Hearing Conservation Efforts to Play a Major role at this Year’s NAMM Show.

NAMM has partnered again with the nonprofit organization H.E.A.R. - Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers to reach out to the NAMM Show 2011 attendees about the importance of protecting their hearing while enjoying music-providing over 20,000 Mack's earplugs in bins throughout the trade show. Please stop by the H.E.A.R. booth.

H.E.A.R. announces new "Listen Smart" DVD! hearing education rockumentary video produced by Dan Beck Features Metallica, Ozzy Osborune, Moby more! Available now!

2009 April 3 Dallas: American Academy of Audiolgy Featured Speaker Kathy Peck and Brian Fligor

Science meets grassroots: Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Musicians


Prevention Magazine honors Kathy Peck as its Health Hearo

H.E.A.R./Exploratorium Listen: hearing conservation exhibit.

63 Exhibits on hearing and sound will tour the world after one year exhibition at the landmark Palace of Fine Arts Exploratorium in San Francisco.

How to Keep Your Hearing
Newsweek cover story!

Pete Townshend: Music Making Fans Deaf? Rolling Stone Magazine

Tec Awards Music and Sound Auction raises funds for HEARing Conservation

NAMM: H.E.A.R.® and MusicCares® Teaming up to Provide Free Ear Impressions and More for Attendees

H.E.A.R.ing Awareness don't let hearing loss take your music away forever. by Jennifer Leggio Perfect Pitch 4.22.03

Can You Turn That Down, Please? by Lewis Wallas Wired News

Find Out About Hearing Eduation and Awareness for Rockers
H.E.A.R. Dediated to Protet the Hearing Of Musicians and Fans

Earplug Ordinancein SF clubs Oct 9,2002

Baby Boomers Listen Up

Lidocaine helps relieve ringing in the ears May 19, 2000 NEW YORK (Reuters Health)

"I Ought to Have My Head Examined" BY PAUL D. LEHRMAN Mix,ÊMar 1, 2002

Mexican National Press MTV Spring Break March 14, 2002

H.E.A.R. Project MTV Spring BreakNews Flash March 22,2002

HEAR and Now! SF Examiner Feb 24, 2002 by Bill Picture

Shure Musical Roots Concert to Benefit Hearing Conservation

the Who Story

MSNBC Hearing Loss Article

Kids Health

Deafening Sounds....NETV

06/29/01 Northern California Music Equipment Stores Unite for Hearing Awareness!

06/1/01 On Stage Magazine: Say What? by Joanne Cazden

05/25/2001 H.E.A.R.ing things By Chris Baty

Earplugs: An ear's best pal at concerts
William Friar Times Staff Writer 2/1/01

Concerts benefit rockers' hearing education efforts 2/1/01
Musicians come together to promote awareness of protecting their ear
William Friar Times Staff Writer

Mix Magazine Mix On Line article... What the Audiologists Told Me.By Bob McCarthy 1/01

Star Magazine
December 26,2000
STAR PEOPLE by Janet Charlton
DANIELLE STEEL is helping to raise money for H.E.A.R

KPIX TV Evening Magazine Special on H.E.A.R.
January 4, 2001

Producer Mike Sugarman Interviews audiologist Mont Stong and Kathy Peck, executive director of H.E.A.R. at the H.E.A.R. clinic. Bay Area Bands interviewed at Stork Club in Berkeley include: 20 Minute Loop, Peachfish and Persephone's Bees and Micki and Wes (the owners of the club). Special thanks to Val Esway musician,headers/about_media.gif at teeth Stork Club-2330 Telegraph Ave. Oakland 94612.

"H.E.A.R. This," a CD benefiting H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) will be released worldwide
November 14, 2000

PBS Documentary:Nebraska ETV annouces:"Deafening Sound" - November 10, 2000
panelist update - November 17, 2000

H.E.A.R. Mentioned in WISE EARS September 2000

H.E.A.R. Rocks on VH-1 Rock & Roll JEOPARDY!

Teen Suing Black Crowes For Hearing Damage - From MTV News

Music Professor Claims Band Damaged Hearing

Town Rumbling Over Car Stereos Newport Police Chief Wants To Ban The Boom By John Craig Staff writer April 25, 1999

Oticon Focus on People Awards Honors Kathy Peck of San Francisco, CA
SOMERSET, NJ, March 23 2000

Kathy Peck of San Francisco, CA has been named grand prize winner in the Advocacy Category of the 2000 Oticon Focus on People Awards.

H.E.A.R. Launches New PSAs with Top Music Artists, Earplug Campaign for the Clubs and HEARNET.COM On-Line Music Product Benefit Auction!
March 15, 2000

H.E.A.R. has produced new public service announcements (PSAs) with Perry Farrell (aka Pertez) of Janes Addiction, DJ Qbert of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, George Clinton of PFUNK, DJPolywog, MERMEN, Hip Hop artist Lil'Zane and others.

January - June 2000
H.E.A.R. featured on the NewsHour website. Check it out...

US News and World Report
cover story 4/26/99
What You Say? A high-volume world takes its toll on ever younger ears.
By Linda Kulman

CNN Web MD health news story Huh? Baby boomers bam themselves into hearing loss April 20, 2000 By John A. Cutter

Hearing Loss Touches A Younger Generation With Rise in Noise, More Seeking Help By Susan Levine Washington Post

On the Teen Scene: Enjoy, Protect the Best Ears of Your Life by Rebecca D. Williams

Huh? ( april 30.2000)

Fox News

TIME September 26, 1988 "A Fire Hose Down the Ear Canal"

Newton's Apple Teacher's Guide

Newton's Apple: New Technology Products

United Artist Movie Chain Settles With Disabled by Kathy Peck

NARAS FOUNDATION Gives H.E.A.R. largest Grant Ever


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