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H.E.A.R. THIS Benefit CD
Worldwide Release November 14, 2000

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Special Thanks

We hope you will enjoy the great music and all of the hard work that has gone into this project. There is a great mix of new and old school international Punk and Rock, enough to please the most discriminating Punk Rock fan.

Thank You To: Aearo Company (E-A-R Earplugs), Jana Herzen Berg, Elliott Berger at Aearo, Mish Bondage, Cat Scratch Fever, Choo Choo, Ginger Coyote, David Denny, Lisa Derrick, Dirk Dirksen, Darren Edwards, Isaac Feldman, Jennifer Finch, Penelope Houston, Impak Corp, Sabrina Kaleta, Ricky Martin, Mean Street Magazine, David Merz, Damon Molly, Music Connection, Ada Much, Brian Meyers at Aearo, Kathy Peck, Louis Posen and Crew (SubCity/Hopeless Records), Roland, Rachael Sbuttoni, Barry Simons, Winston Smith, Staci (Talent House), Danielle Steel, Holly Stein, The Nick Traina Foundation, Victoria Wesson, Mark Wilshire, and Norio Yamamoto.

A very special thank you goes out to all the bands, band management, and record labels for helping make this CD possible.

Please contact us if you are concerned about your hearing or want to support our work. We are always looking for more volunteers or band web links for www.hearnet.com.

If you would like more information or a pair of foam earplugs generously donated by AEARO E-A-R Company while supplies last send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:H.E.A.R. PO Box 460847 San Francisco, CA 94146. 415.773.9590 (hotline)

For a Mona Mohawk T-Shirt and other Winston Smith Collectibles contact: www.winstonsmith.com or send $18 plus $3 shipping & handling (check or money order) to: Artcrime T-shirts (Mona Mohawk) PMB#426 POBox 410990 San Francisco, CA 94141

Tedio Boys"Tales From the Crypt" (Tedio Boys) Publisher and Master Owner: Elevator Music Contact Information: Tedio Boys c/o Elevator Music PO Box 1502 New Haven, CT 06506

The Dimwits "Gotta Go" Publisher: Veggie Roll Music/BMI Master Owner: Will Diaz Contact Information: The Dimwits 586 East Elizabeth Street Pasadena, CA 91104 willdimwit@cs.com

Toxic Reasons "Time" (David Clough) Master Owner: David Clough/Toxic Reasons Contact Information: Toxic Reasons PO Box 30343 Indianapolis, IN 46230

Electric Summer "Life" (Electric Summer) Publisher: Electric Summer Master Owner: Soda Jerk Records Contact Information: Electric Summer c/o Soda Jerk Records PO Box 4056 Boulder, CO 80306

Tongue "New School, Old School, FSchool" (McGrath, Collins, Coutant, Proof) Publisher: Drool Productions Master Owner: Tongue Contact Information: Tongue PO Box 5551 Pasadena, CA 91117-0551 Hot Line: 213.228.0587

Mary Monday "I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie" (Mary Monday) Malious Records,Spokenword:Dirk Dirksen Producer /MC FABMAB (info@outspokenideas.com) www.outspokenideas.com

Suicide King N.Y. "Suede In the Rain" (Shige/4 Way) Publisher and Master Owner: 4 Way Contact Information: Suicide King N.Y. 149 Huntington Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

The Vktms "Goin' Downtown" (Crawford, Ricablanca, Gwerder, Binkov, Cohen) Publisher: Mayhem Music contact Information: The Vktms c/o John Binkov 679 11th Street Richmond, CA 94801 members.tripod.com/binkov/vktms.html

Gangbangs U.K. "Vindictive" (Gangl, Hartman) Publisher: Emerald Eyes, Inc./ASCAP Master Owner: Lauran Gangl Contact Information: Gangbang U.K. c/o Emerald Eyes, Inc. PO Box 2006 Palos Verdes, CA 90274 Hot Line 310.669.4666 www.gangbanguk.com

PissAnt "Super Chick" (J. Kat, D. Foster, R. Willis, V. Barrios) Publisher: Foss Face Music/ASCAP Master Owner: David Foster/Piss Ant Contact Information: PissAnt PO Box 18001 Encino, CA 91416 Hot Line 323.549.5309 pissant@hotmail.com

Texas Terri "Sad Life" (D.Cilurso. Tx. Terri Laird) Publisher: Worm Dirt Music/BMI Master Owner: Texas Terri and The Stiff Ones Contact Information: Texas Terri PO Box 349 Los Angeles, CA 90078-0349

The Contractions (Kathy Peck, Debbie Hopkins, Mary Kelley) "Rules and Regulations" (Kathy Peck) Publisher: Quick and Dirty Records/BMI Contact Information: The Contractions c/o H.E.A.R. PO Box 460897 San Francisco, CA 94146 Hot line 415.773.9590 www.hearnet.com

Peter Coyote "We All Do Time" (Peter Coyote) Publisher: Wild Dog Productions Master Owner: Peter Coyote Contact Information: Peter Coyote c/o Wild Dog Productions 775 East Blithedale, PMB 401 Mill Valley, CA 94941

Visitor 42 "Everything" (Visitor 42) Publisher: Butflower Records/BMI Master Owner: Visitor 42 Contract Information: Victor 42 PO Box 5134 Alameda, CA 94501 www.visitor42.com

The Climactics "My Pill" (Bobby Bones) Publisher and Master Owner: The Climactics Contact Information: The Climactics c/o Paige Darling 1984 North Main, Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90031 lapaigedarling@cs.com Nuns with Guns "Dracula" (J. Giera, B. Giera) Publisher:

Other Star People "Go To" (Bratton, Finch, Smith) Publisher:Other Star People/BMI Master Owner: A&M Records Contact Information: Other Star People 7336 Santa Monica Blvd, PMB 699 Los Angeles, CA 90046 www.otherstarpeople.com The Other Star People appear courtesey of A&M Records, Inc. under license from Universal Music Special Markets, Inc.

White Trash Debutantes "Hey Nick You Did Okay" (Coyote, Smith) Publisher: WTD Music/BMI Master Owner: Ginger Coyote Special Guest Vocals by Jennifer "Precious" Finch, Xander Smith, Paige Darling, Tequila Mockingbird, and Amy Carlson Contact Information: White Trash Debutantes 1626 North Wilcox # 256 Hollywood, CA 90028 www.whitetrashdebutantes.com

The McRackins "Always Tomorow" Bill McRackin, SOCAN/BMI Master Owner: Todd Stefanson Contact Information: The McRackins c/o The Hen Hut 100 Sandpiper PLC Nanaimo, British Columbia CANADA V9V 145

Shonen Knife "It's a New Find" (Naoko Yamano) (English Version) Publisher: MCA Victor Music Publishing Co., Inc./BMI Master Owner: Universal Victor, Inc. Contact Information: Norio Yamamoto Universal Victor, Inc., 70 Universal City Plaza Universal, CA 91608 www.mmjp.or.jp/knife

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp "8 West" (Chris Fields) Publisher: Jon Cougar Concentration Camp Master Owner: Chris Fieds Contact Information: Jon Cougar Concentration Camp PO Box 710456 Santee, CA 92072 The Lewd "Climate of Fear" (Sats, Vanderhoof) Publisher and Master Owner:

The Lewd Contact Information: The Lewd c/o Chuckie Boy Records 2802 East Madison Street, Suite 116 Seattle, WA 98112 www.chuckieboy.com

Damnation "Hellrace" (Damnation) Publisher: Evil One Music Master Owner: Damnation Contact Information: Damnation c/o Evil One Music 11684 Ventural Blvd, Suite 239 Studio City, CA 91640

The Avengers "Teenage Rebel" (Houston, Ingraham, O'Brien, Wilsey) Publisher: Houston, Ingraham, O'Brien, Wilsey/BMI from the album "The Avengers Died for Your Sins" on Lookout! Records PO Box 11347 Berkeley, CA 94712-2374 www.lookout records.com or, Penelope Houston at www.penelope.net

The Bellrays "Under the Mountain" (The Bellrays) Publisher and Master Owner: The Bellrays/BMI Contact Information:The Bellrays P.O Box 1532 Riverside, CA 92502

Link 80 "Unbroken" (music by Link 80 and lyrics by Matt Bentinelli-Olpin) Publisher: Against The Rest Music Master Owner: Link 80 Contact Information: Link 80 c/o Asian Man Records PO Box 35565 Nonte Sereno, CA 95030


Hopeless/SubCity Records www.hopelessrecords.com or, your local participating record store!
Price: $9.98

Line Up:

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp
Texas Terri
White Trash Debutantes
Other Star People
Scared Of Chaka
The McRackins
The Avengers
Shonen Knife
Peter Coyote
The Bellrays
The Dimwits
The Lewd
Link 80 and more



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