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H.E.A.R. THIS Benefit CD
Worldwide Release November 14, 2000

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Various Artists H.E.A.R. This (Sub City)

Leave it to Sub City to rally the troops for such a good cause. Hopeless affiliate Louis Posen created Sub City in late 1998. His idea was to create a label that would give five per cent (roughly 70 cents per CD) to a charity of the artists choosing. For example: The Weakerthans give a percentage of their earnings to a clinic in the Winnipeg area. To date this label has contributed over $50,000 to various charitable institutions. When Ginger Coyote lost her friend, Nick Traina, she felt she had to do something in his honor. Coyote got together with Posen to put out a compilation of different bands. The goal was to raise awareness of hearing loss and damage. Thus, the H.E.A.R. This (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) compilation became a reality. Coyote gathered friends that have played music both now and in the past to combine forces and create this record. Part of the fun of this disc is the irony of the fact that this is a collection of some of the loudest, snottiest bands to ever record. Its a mix of both new and old. Some new bands on this record are Damnation, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, Link 80 and Coyotes band, White Trash Debutantes. Older bands include The Lewd, The Avengers, The Vktms and Contractions. In addition to the stateside featured, the album includes bands from around the world like Shonen Knife, Electric Summer and The Tedio Boys. Check your local record store for this release, or go on-line to www.subcity.net. Never has giving to charity been such rollicking good, loud fun

Hopeless/SubCity Records www.hopelessrecords.com or, your local participating record store!
Price: $9.98

Line Up:

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp
Texas Terri
White Trash Debutantes
Other Star People
Scared Of Chaka
The McRackins
The Avengers
Shonen Knife
Peter Coyote
The Bellrays
The Dimwits
The Lewd
Link 80 and more




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