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Since 1988 H.E.A.R. has led the fight in hearing loss prevention among musicians, music industry workers and music fans. From early on we have garnered media attention with the support of prominent musician's such as Pete Townshend, Ray Charles and Lars Ulrich of Metallica to help us bring our message to the public. Here is a list of some of our major accomplishments followed by our agenda for the next few years:

2012 Listen Smart DVD Program

  • Launched H.E.A.R./Listen Smart Workshop Series Program for students and educators.  Listen Smart: Safely Handling the Power of Sound rockumentary film producer Dan Beck, (HAMF) and director Pamela French, Cine Golden Eagle Award winner, features Moby, Ozzie Osbourne, Metallica, Russell Simmons. (2011-present)

Serving: SAE Institute, Girls Rock Camp (Oakland), The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Blue Bear School of Music (San Francisco), Expressions New Media College (Emeryville), Pyramind Media & Music School (San Francisco), San Francisco City College Audio Engineer Program, Audio Engineering Society-AES Chapter and AES Student Chapter (Marin and San Francisco), San Francisco State University Audio Engineering Society Student Chapter, Marin School of the Arts, Aim High academic program for middle school students in San Francisco Bay Area, Horizon’s The DJ Project, Sertoma Clubs of America serving the Mid Western US schools and H.E.A.R. Ambassador, Ms. North America, Melanie Britton serving Arizona.

2011 Listen Smart pilot program launch to schools

2009- HEAR 20th Anniversary



H.E.A.R. 20 Year Anniversary celebration! Benefit Show TBA

The National Association of Music Manufactures (NAMM) Anaheim (Jan 17, 2008) honors Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R. with recognition of her 20 years of service to the music industry.


H.E.A.R./Exploratorium Listen: hearing conservation exhibit.

63 Exhibits on hearing and sound will tour the world after one year exhibition at the landmark Palace of Fine Arts Exploratorium in San Francisco.


It's Hip to H.E.A.R. Program

Release of 10 year Research Study Poster Presentation at the American Academy of Audiology

Launch of H.E.A.R. Partners drive

Launch of Who Not Forgotten benefit CD



H.E.A.R. STREET TEAM OUTREACH PROGRAM: H.E.A.R.'s outreach to live clubs, dance clubs, concert tours and music conferences and other special events. Our volunteer H.E.A.R. Street Team reaches thousands of teens and young adults across the US. (Philadelphia, New Orleans, New York, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Miami Beach, Phoenix, Chicago and more!) Over 13 major cities across the US. We are signing up musicians, DJs, music fans and health students as HEAR Street Team members in their local area to help us get the word out to "Protect Your Ears." Volunteers distribute earplugs and hearing information at shows etc. H.E.A.R. SF also sets up earplug booths at events.

H.E.A.R.ing Education and Awareness Campaigns: H.E.A.R., Doctor Roland Eavey's medical team from MEEI ,The National Campaign for Hearing Health (NCHH), and MTV collaborated on a "Practice Safe Sound" project, to educate teens, musicians and music lovers about the dangers of hearing damage and tinnitus from repeated exposure to loud decibel levels in music and other loud noise with the advice and assistance form MTV to the development of a hearing health education program for MTVN. The HEAR and MEEI team held a joint press conference with the Minsitry of Health of Mexico and worked with MTV in Cancun, Mexico to pass out earplugs to the kids on the MTV Spring Break set. This is just on example of how H.E.A.R. works with other health organizations, schools, youth organization and others community based programs towards these efforts.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUCEMENTS: Several artists who have lent their time and voices in support of our PSAs include Carson Daly of MTV, Missy Elliott, Chuck D, Green Day, George Clinton, Perry Farrell and Herbie Hancock. PSAs from previous years are also available from Pete Townshend, Ray Charles, and Spinal Tap, Lars Ulrich of Metallica among others. These PSAs are not only on our website, but are also distributed to schools, TV and radio stations. Our PSAs are air on top cable and network TV stations around the country.

HEARING SCREENING PROGRAM: provides hearing screenings in the San Francisco Bay Area and via our audiologists and ENT Affiliates. This year we tested over 1,000 young people experiencing hearing difficulties due to loud music and other causes, recommending remedial measures when necessary. Our musician hearing resources network on www.hearnet.con has over 130 H.E.A.R. Affiliate audiologists and ENT docs in cities across the US and in some foreign countries who support our work and hearing screening programs.

H.E.A.R. RESEARCH SURVEY STUDY: "Occupational Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in the Music Industry" funded by The Grammy's, Shure and the National Organization for Hearing Research. A 10 year research survey on musicians, sound engineers and music listeners.

SCHOOL PROGRAMS AND HEARING CONSERVATION WORKSHOPS: H.E.A.R. conducts school programs and workshop panels for music schools, music industry conferences, other organizations and special events. Programs this year included the Oakland Unified School District Music Dept." Hearing Education and Awareness for Music Teachers workshop and PBS " Deafening Sounds" video viewing, SXSW Music Conference Austin, Texas workshop panel "What? - Avoiding and Treating Hearing Loss," "Studio Tips" and "Producers", California Recording Institute workshop and free hearing screening program for young recording engineering students. You can also find HEAR at the NAMM and AES Tradeshows working with the House Ear institutes' Sound Partners".

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTIONS. CAN'T HEAR YOU KNOCKING features Lars Ulrich, Pete Townshend, Ray Charles and others musicians speaking out on hearing loss "is the first curriculum High School Program in the US to deal with hearing conservation. Active Physic's, The National Science Foundation and the American Association of Physics Teachers distribute our video to over 10,000 High School districts in the US. "CHYK" has won several educational awards in European film festivals and in the US.

Over 1 MILLION HITS TO HEARNET WEBSITE: We expanded our web site, and have had over one (1) million hits. HEARNET.COM is H.E.A.R.Ős online hearing health resource for musicians and music lovers where people and music lovers of all ages can drop in for information on hearing loss and tinnitus, get referrals to audiologists and ENT, find out about H.E.A.R. attended music industry events and concerts, check out the Artist of the Month, and listen to public service announcements of their favorite artist

CURRENT: MEDIA STORIES 1. Deafening Sounds PSA national boardcast on going 2. Eye and Ear Discovery Health TV. Out in August.

3. Earplug Ordinance in San Francisco Music Venues. H.E.A.R. is working with the Supervisor Mark Leno and Mayor's Entertainment Commision and the Late night Coalition, Dance Health Task Force and Dance Safe on an earplug ordinance for SF Clubs.


H.E.A.R.'s outreach to raves, dance clubs and concert tours reaches thousands of teens and young adults across the US.(Philadelphia, New Orleans, New York, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington,DC, Miami Beach, Boston, Phoenix, Chicago and more!)

HEARNET.COM launches Press Room where you can find H.E.A.R.'s latest PSA in audio and video for broadcast TV or the web, download of H.E.A.R.'s brochure, H.E.A.R.'s banner links, and new media stories.

Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R. receives the Key to Northeastern University for her advocacy work in the prevention of hearing loss through education.

HEAR THIS CD worldwide record release came out this year and was a critical success for its genre. It may turn out to be a collector's record for new school and old school genre of international PUNK and Rock bands dating from 1977 to 2001.

Media Coverage and Awareness Campaign Highlights. Deafening Sound PBS Documentary This is slated to go national and is an excellent documentary! HEAR THIS Worldwide CD Release and (2) Benefit Shows New PSAs with George Clinton, Herbie Hancock, Tony Bennett, DJ Qbert, DJ Polywog National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM) Audio Engineering Society (AES) VH-1 Rock N Roll Jeopardy Doctor Dean Adele TV Show Evening Magazine KPIX TV Show Cosmos SF. TV 26 California Music Channel WNVT TV Falls Church, VA Bruce Latimere TV Show Wire Magazine Contra Costa Times 3-page interview. SF Chronicle 2 articles Radio shows KUSF, KALX, Rock N Roots Radio, and KCBS Radio Modern Drummer Guitar Player Magazine MC2 Nebraska TV local station Nebraska Public PBS ETV Star Magazine Harper's Bizarre Washington University Hearing Aid Music Foundation (HAMF) is creating a new video duplicating HEAR's Can't Hear You Knocking " (CHYK) video format. They interviewed the Hear clinic, Kathy Peck, Mont Stong, Robert Baker and several of the musicians at the clinic.


Oticon Focus on People Award for Advocacy awarded to kathy Peck

H.E.A.R. launches new website design by Victoria Wesson.

New features include:
1. Series of web video PSAs
2. On-line H.E.A.R. Auction with music products and music celebrity memorabilia and stuff
3. Features : informative Hearing Health Magazine articles on Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Artists Corner features recording artists concerned about hearing. Webcast of H.E.A.R. events
4. Chat Room
5. Dear Crabby- H.E.A.R.'s online audiologists answers questions
6. H.E.A.R: Affiliate referrals
7. H.E.A.R. CD - Compilation album of bands who support H.E.A.R.
8. H.E.A.R. Store
9. H.E.A.R. Survey
10. links to hearing and music sites.

New PSAs for National Distribution: May Better Hearing and Speech Month.
1. George Clinton of PFUNK
2. DJ Qbert
3. DJ Polywog
4. Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction
5. Michael Franti of Spearhead
6. Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth

Active Physics Textbook and H.E.A.R.'s "Can't Hear You Knocking", video are in over 7,000 school districts nationally!

H.E.A.R. DJ Night at 111 Minna in San Francisco. Local and touring DJ perform monthly helping H.E.A.R. to get our message out to DJ's and music fans.

Music and other Events National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM) Los Angeles and Nashville, Audio Engineer Society (AES), Gavin Convention, SXSW , NXNW, Milieu Music Conference.

Talks and Panels Bay Area Audiology Group, California Ideology Association Panel, Los Angeles and San Francisco, AES Panel 109th AES Conference, Balboa High School, Marin Catholic School.

2000 Media highlights:

PBS Special: Dangerous Sounds, Bruce Latimere Show Pacifica TV, Channel 13 PBS, VH-1 Tom Buffolano, Health Diary PBS, LIVE 105 Harry O, CBC - Klaw radio- As It Happens, KCBS Seattle, KLBJ FM Austin Texas, KSJO San Jose, KROQ 106.7 Burbank, CA, KOXF radio Oakland, CA, KAZU- San Jose, KPOO, KPFA, KUSF, Beta Lounge webcast of H.E.A. R. benefit show with Perry Farrell, Sonicnet/ MTV webcast, Frequency Lounge, GIG Magazine, DRUM Magazine, EQ Magazine, Pittsburgh Tribune - Review. The Metropolitan San Francisco, Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, Modern Recording Techniques Fourth Edition Book mention, Hearing Review, Spokesman Review, Texas Music Review & Ent, POP Smear, Seattle Weekly, Zero Magazine, Cherry Lane Magazine, Musicians Atlas, Performer Magazine, Star Magazine, Ladies Home Journal/ More Magazine, Hearing Health Magazine, Guitar One- Cherry Lane Magazines, LLC, SPITE MAGAZINE, Musicians Magazine, Life Magazine, Recording Magazine/Music Maker Publications, WNVT TV Falls Church , VA, TV- Channel 8, K-Eye TV 42, CJOH TV, Nepean Ontario, KCBC- TV, Nebraska Public TV/ PBS, KPFK Studio City, CA.

Kathy Peck is the executive director and co-founder of H.E.A.R., an accomplished musician , recording artist, member of the American Tinnitus Association Board of Directors and member of the Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee. Kathy lives in San Francisco with her husband David and their Chihuahua, Choo Choo.


Formation of H.E.A.R. Records. As part of H.E.A.R.'s continuing efforts to educate the public to the dangers of hearing loss and tinnitus, we have launched H.E.A.R. Records, an independent record label on HEARNET to celebrate music and musicians while promoting the value of protecting your most important musical instrument .... your ears.

H.E.A.R. Records will feature established recording artists and rising stars with a public service announcement performed by well-known recording artists. Some of H.E.A.R.'s PSA spokespersons have included Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Les Claypool of Primus, and Todd Rundgren.

H.E.A.R. Records will be distributed to the public through record stores, music conventions, music tours, radio stations, music media, and on the Internet via HEARNET.

H.E.A.R.'s two-fold mission is the prevention of hearing loss and tinnitus through education about the dangers of over-amplified music and other loud sounds and counseling those already afflicted with such loss.

Active Physics curriculum textbook. H.E.A.R. is also rallying its resources in a concerted effort to raise awareness among undergraduates as well. Recently, H.E.A.R. joined forces with educational publisher It's About Time, bundling a H.E.A.R. awareness video "Can't Hear You Knocking" with physics text book and distributing the package to 300 schools nationwide.

The Active Physics curriculum textbook AES chapter on hearing loss and loud music entitled "Medicine", developed by the American Physics Teachers and The American Institute of Physics and funded by the National Science Foundation is the first high school curriculum textbook that deals with the real issue of noise induced hearing loss facing America's youth.

Active Physics curriculum textbook bundled with "Can't Hear You Knocking" video presented at the American Physics Teachers Association Conference.

"Stick It In Your Ear Campaign"

Virgin Megastores sponsored a national co-promotion with H.E.A.R. in which customers purchasing one of 50 sale title CDs will get a free pair of earplugs. The promotion has been dubbed "Stick It in Your Ear." "We wanted it to be humorous - not a cut-and-dried, boring campaign," says Craig Hermes, Virgin's director of national promotion for music.

Hermes lined up Exene Cervenkova of the Los Angeles punk band X and Jorgee Douglas formerly of San Francisco's Stone Fox, for the "Stick It In Your Ear" promotional posters. When he first contacted H.E.A.R., he was impressed by the roster of artists who have lent their support over the years Townshend, Ray Charles, Primus' Les Claypool, Sonic Youths Lee Ranaldo, Metallica's Lars Ulrich. "They've got the who's who of the rock business behind them," he says.

Hermes agrees with H.E.A.R.'s executive director Peck that it's sometimes difficult to get younger generations to take precautions for their hearing. "Obviously, at that age people think they're indestructible." Still, kids are certainly becoming more attuned to the decibel levels at shows.

Once a coolness faux pas on par with Barry Manilow T-shirts, earplugs have become commonplace at rock shows.

(Excerpts from SF Chronicle Datebook August 9, 1998 Hear Today Gone Tomorrow by James Sullivan.)

North Texas Music Festival Honors Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R.

North Texas Music Festival October 14-18 Features National Music Charity Founded by a Native Dallasite. The 1998 NTMF will include the original Noisy Auction held at Club Clearview on Wednesday, October 14th, with lots of gear and goods to be auctioned and live music to be heard. Featuring performances by Bowling for Soup and Flickerstick Tons of cool stuff from national sports teams, restaurants, music memorabilia, and more auctioned off at prices even musicians can afford. Proceeds benefiting H.E.A.R.

Hearing loss and tinnitus is the number one hidden disability in the United States and many other countries around the world. Hearing loss is irreversible, gradual and painless.

Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers, (H.E.A.R.) is a non-profit grassroots public benefit health organization dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of debilitating and often irreversible hearing loss and tinnitus due to exposure to excessively loud sound levels in music, whether it is from playing, attending concerts, using stereo earphones, or playing amplification systems too loudly. H.E.A.R. was founded by musicians and physicians, for musicians, music industry personnel, and all music fans (especially young people.)

H.E.A.R. founder Kathy Peck hails from Dallas, TX where she attended Hillcrest High School, then known as Kathy Neeley. Her family still resides in Dallas.

Wherehouse/Blockbuster Music launches In store earplugs giveaways in a co-promotion with H.E.A.R. Ultimate Band List Internet site features H.E.A.R. as their Charity of the Month on Who Cares. 1999 H.E.A.R. Receives Largest Grant Ever from The Recording Academy (GRAMMY ); H.E.A.R., a grass roots non-profit organization that specializes in hearing loss prevention for musicians and music fans announced today that they are to be the recipient of the largest grant that the Recording Academy (GRAMMY) has ever awarded. The Recording Academy is giving H.E.A.R. $30,000 over a two year period as seed money to begin collating data that H.E.A.R. has collected on musicians and hearing loss over the past ten years.

H.E.A.R. hopes to raise enough funds in order to hire a research scientist, statistician and to obtain the necessary equipment to help compile and analyze over 10 years worth of data which they will make available to the public and the scientific community. H.E.A.R.'s data is in the form of pure tone audiograms (hearing tests) and surveys which cover all aspects of hearing health for musicians and their constituency.

"This is the largest project of its kind to date as very little data exists on this huge population (mainly 18-34 year old). In fact, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines don't even list the music industry as an occupation being at risk for noise induced hearing loss!" exclaims Kathy Peck, Executive Director of H.E.A.R. "Michael Greene and the Recording Academy are leading the Music and Entertainment Industries on these important issues."

Seeing a need for hearing health education for musicians, H.E.A.R. got its start in 1988 when Kathy Peck (then bassist for the seminal punk band the Contractions) suffered from hearing loss aggravated by noise exposure when opening up for Duran Duran at the Oakland Coliseum. She joined forces with Dr. Flash Gordon, MD. from the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic, San Francisco.

Pete Townshend of the Who was one of the first musicians to speak out about his hearing loss and helped H.E.A.R. get started with a donation of $10,000. Since then many musicians have helped out by doing Public Service Announcements for H.E.A.R. including Ray Charles, Lars Ulrich from Metallica, Les Claypool from Primus and Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth. H.E.A.R. is now seeking donations and grants to match the Recording Academy's funds in order to raise the rest of the money to complete their research.

March: VH-1 and Jim Beam sponsor H.E.A.R. as the recipient of South by Southwest's out door stage. Talent to be announced. Estimated attendance 10,000. H.E.A.R. distributes information on hearing loss and earplugs at 600 live music clubs in Austin during SxSW. Estimated attendees over 24,000.

H.E.A.R. begins filming a new international co-production of "Can't Hear You Knocking" entitled "dBdBdB" with Flynner Films for Sweden's National Hearing League.

April 21: International Noise Awareness Day April 21: Eric Lenchner, noted Bay Area musician and music teacher who had his musical career cut short due to tinnitus and hyperacusis will host a chat room on H.E.A.R.'s web site (www.hearnet.com) with music teachers, student, audiologists and some surprise recording artists.

Nebraska PBS films the H.E.A.R. story for release to national PS TV markets.

May Better Hearing and Speech Month: Launch of H.E.A.R. Records first CD "Wear Your Damn Earplugs" via the internet. Liquid Audio, the first Internet company to provide the secure online distribution of professional-quality audio, has announced that it will distribute H.E.A.R. Records first CD over the internet. The CD will contain music of internationally known bands such as Cake, Primus, Sonic Youth along with H.E.A.R. PSA s for radio airplay with noted musicians such as Lars Ultich of Metallica and Les Claypool of Primus.

1999 Media highlights:

Washington Post, Gig Magazine, SF Weekly, Guitar Player Magazine, The Hearing Review, Modern Drummer.


CES, Winter NAMM, SxSW, Manhattan Music Festival


H.E.A.R. moves to the International Center and holds "Vib-o-thon", the first live MEDIA CAST Benefit Concert on the Internet.

Vibe-o-thon Benefit Concert Showcased Unique Tactile Sound System. February 14th, San Francisco, CA - San Francisco's music and entertainment community pulled together to stage a benefit concert for Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.) at the turn of the century International Center Ballroom, located at 50 Oak Street, near the Civic Center the site of the new home office of H.E.A.R.

In addition to the great music supplied by surf-icons The Mermen, the infectious beat of the Mofessionals, Puzzlefish and White Trash Debutantes the world's first large-scale "Tactile Sound System!" allowed concert-goers to'feel and hear the performances like never before - at a volume that didn't risk hearing damage to the audience "By vibrating the floor, and using the human body itself as a bone resonator, the overall volume was turned down to help prevent hearing loss for those with hearing while deaf and hard hearing people were able to hear the concert via sound vibrations," stated H.E.A.R. Executive Director, Kathy Peck. "It felt loud, but it wasn't!" The unique system was made possible by generous donations from Clark Synthesis, the inventor of the Tactile Sound Transducer that is used in US military flight and tank simulators, the US Olympic Training Center, as well as the latest generation of virtual reality theme park rides to allow people to feel and hear sounds in a way that no ordinary loudspeaker can reproduce. The Tactile Sound Transducers was mounted in a custom built wooden floor donated by Wenger Corporation based in Owatonna, Minn.

Peck knows of which she speaks. Having been a punk-rocker in the late 70's band The Contractions, Peck suffered a hearing loss due to continued exposure to high levels of music on stage. As a result, she co-founded H.E.A.R. in 1988 to alert musicians and the public to the very real risks associated with loud music. "It's truly amazing how much support we've received from sponsors all around the country for this Valentine's Day Benefit concert," continues Peck. "In addition to the bands, we had over 25 companies donating funds or services to help out with the event."

"Music fans around the world were able to 'attend' the concert via the Internet as the event was webcast with sound, video and commentary the night of the concert via MediaCast and on www.hearnet.com. We're continuing to spread the message for music lovers and musicians to be sensible and informed about the risk of hearing loss through exposure to high levels of sound." H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education about the dangers of hearing loss through exposure to high levels of sound.

This event was made possible with the help of our friends: Clark Synthesis, Wenger Corporation of Owatonna, Minn., JK Sound, MediaCast, Key Productions, Live 105 radio, KOME radio, KUSF radio, Bay Guardian, BAM Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine, Musicians Union Local 6, Doc's Pro Plugs, EarWear, Squared Circle Media, Inc., Studio Instrument Rentals, Premier Catering, Potpourri A Video Forum, TV 26, Samuel Adams Beer, SF State University Audio Engineering Society.

1997 Media highlights:

News Week "Our Embattled Ears." Hearing loss once seemed a normal part of aging, but experts now agree that much of it is preventable. How to protect yourself... by Claudia Kalb.

Guitar Player Magazine, Electronic Musician, The Boston Globe, Pro Audio Review, The Web Magazine, Scholastic Health Choices, Audiology Today, Bruce Lattimere Show. National Public Radio

PBS-Healthweek PBS-TV Interview with teenager guitarist and H.E.A.R. supporter, Willie Gregory speaking out about his own hearing loss to warn others to protect their ears from loud decibel levels while playing music.

H.E.A.R. PSA's air on E! Television Network (Nationally approximately 41,000,000 households) Sept. 25, Oct 2, 9, ; 16, 1997 @ 4 am east coast time/1 am west coast time.

Conferences and events:

Summer and Winter NAMM, NARM, SxSW , NxNW, CMJ, Soundwall Music Camp.


H.E.A.R. launches HEARNET web site. HEARNET is H.E.A.R.'s on-line interactive publication that is updated regularly, providing information and resources on tinnitus, hearing loss, hearing protection, ear monitors, hearing aids and assistive hearing devices. HEARNET features a referral service of H.E.A.R. Affiliate audiologists, ear doctors and music contacts in cities around the world.

Fun things to check out are "Artist of the Month", CD give-away contests, tour schedule of H.E.A.R. and music industry events, and samples of music and video. Users will also be able to interact with hearing professionals and rock celebrities via open forum Chat Rooms and email.

H.E.A.R.'s past "Artist of the Month" honorees include John Lee Hooker, Robert Cray, Faith No More, Devo, Primus and others.

HEARNET wins 8 outstanding web site awards and is featured on MTV and in Guitar Player Magazine, Electronic Musician, USA Weekend, and Fox News-CBS. H.E.A.R. Affiliates numbers grow to include over 100 audiologists, ENT doctors, musicians, sound engineer and music businesses. Affiliates assist H.E.A.R. at music conferences and school talks including NAMM, AES, CES and SxSW.

H.E.A.R. On Tour with Lollopalooza - Largest touring Alternative Music Concert in the World. H.E.A.R. Affiliates and local radio DJ's staff H.E.A.R. booths passing out earplugs and hearing conservation information. H.E.A.R. volunteers gave out over 60,000 sets of earplugs to attendees at the Lollopalooza Tour - the first major music event to ever include ear protection for the audience as part of the 26 city tour.

H.E.A.R. benefit at the farewell party for the aircraft carrier the US Carl Vincent at the Alameda Naval Base.

1995 Media highlights:

Radio interviews and PSA spots in 26 Cities on the Lollopalooza Tour, Spin Magazine, DRUM! 1996 MTV: MEGA DOSE 2-112 SEGMENT on Hearing Loss and Musicians Airs 21 Times. Mega Dose features recording artists, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More and Primus and dedicated H.E.A.R. volunteer audiologists and staff. Allison Leikind Producer of the segments wins an award from The Speech Language and Hearing Association.

MTV Acceptance Speech: "Thank you, and thank you councilman O'Malley for your kind remarks. It is my privilege and honor to accept this award on behalf of Allison Leikind, the producer of Mega Dose, MTV's health and lifestyle series in which it appeared. At MTV News, we are dedicated to covering issues that effect the well being of our viewers, but this award isn't as much about our work as it is about the dedication of people like Kathy Peck and Isaac Feldman. Through their non-profit organization H.E.A.R., Kathy and Isaac raise awareness of the real dangers of exposure to excessive noise levels educating young people and musicians alike on ways to let the music play while preserving one of life's greatest gifts. This award is a validation of their wonderful efforts, and for that we thank you."

Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco proclaims June 27th 1996 H.E.A.R. Day in appreciation of H.E.A.R.'s work in informing the public about the real dangers of hearing damage from loud decibel levels.

NBC-Nightly News with Tom Brokov and Mornings on 2-TV, San Francisco Bay Area, tape H.E.A.R. Advisory Board member Professor Sludge a.k.a. Eric Lenchner and his student guitarists Sam and Claire while performing for the camera promoting The Guitar Academy's Annual Benefit Concert for H.E.A.R. Eric Lenchner is an outspoken advocate for hearing issues and makes sure that his students are educated to the importance of protecting their hearing from dangerous sound levels while playing music.

Guitar students (ages 7-17) perform with their favorite rock star on stage at the Professor Sludge Guitar Academy Student Benefit Concert for H.E.A.R. at the Noe Valley Ministry.

GRAMMY IN THE STREETS. H.E.A.R. provides earplugs and information to participants and free hearing testing at this yearly event. International Noise Awareness Day. H.E.A.R. provides yearly free hearing screenings for this event.

H.E.A.R. co-founder, Flash Gordon, MD and Ken Einhorn, MD of the AAOHNS host panel discussion at the Rock n'Roll Hall of Fame.

H.E.A.R. receives grant from the Monterey Pop Festival. Tours and conferences: 2nd Lollopalooza US Tour, CMJ Music Marathon in New York and Foundations Forum Music Conference in Los Angeles, Big Freakin Deal LIVE 105 radio Shoreline Amphitheater Concert with Green Day and Pearl Jam.

1996 Media highlights:

Electronic Musician "Hear No Evil" by Diane Lowery, The Music Convention, Los Angeles, MIX Magazine, EQ Magazine, ABC, WB, Howard Stern radio show.

Books featuring H.E.A.R.'s work:

HEAR: Solutions, Skills, and Sources for the Hard of Hearing People by Anne Pope distributed by SHHH.

I Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss by Marshall Chasin.

Age Erasers for Women by the Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books and the Rodale Center for Women's Health. Hearing Loss: Fending Off the Sounds of Silence.

Age Erasers for Men by Doug Dollemore, Mark Giuliucci and the Editor of Men's Health. Hearing Loss: Silence Isn't Always Golden.

Noise & Your Health. Boyd, Billy Ray, Taterhill Press, San Francisco. A consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids A Bridge To Healing edited by audiologist Richard Carmen, Auricle Ink Publishing.

When The Hearing Gets Hard. Winning the Battle Against Hearing Impairment. Medicines That Make You Deaf... by Elaine Suss, Bantam Books

Active Physics, Medicine, Chapter 1: Hearing ... funded by the National Science Association in association with the National Association of Physics Teachers publishers Its About Time, NY


H.E.A.R. moves its office to University of California Center On Deafness San Francisco. H.E.A.R. Purchases sound treated booth and testing equipment with funds from MIX Foundation. H.E.A.R.'s research survey expands to include tinnitus surveys. H.E.A.R. conducts mobile hearing van screenings at SF State University for AES Student Chapters, Music Conferences, Music Festivals and GPI Music and Media Conference.

H.E.A.R. Co-produced Channel One TV Special featuring H.E.A.R. spokesperson, Lars Ulrich of Metallica. Estimated viewership of 8.5 million public school students.

Kathy Peck interviews for series of Scholastic News articles for US Schools to promote H.E.A.R.'s message. PECK VS. UATC: Kathy Peck and fellow hearing impaired people of California win largest class action lawsuit against UA Theater Chain in violation of ADA law for failure to in install assistive listening devices in its theater chain for the hearing impaired. Proceeds of $70,000 from the lawsuit donated to five California non-profit organizations among them were the House Ear Institute, California SHHH and California Lawyers for the Disabled.

H.E.A.R. conducts a series of benefit concerts locally in conjunction with Dirk Dirksen Presents "Night of Acoustic Metal" with Primus and Linda Perry.

CEMA-Capitol Records Publishing Group launches a hearing conservation program for their employees bundled with "Can't Hear You Knocking" video.

H.E.A.R. Golf Tournament sponsored by San Francisco Music Festival SFO, The Gavin and Simons & Stein.

1994 Media highlights:

Advanced for Speech Language Pathologists & Audiologists, Electronic Musician, Wall Street Journal, American Health, Music Connection, Red Book, Prevention Magazine, FDA Consumer Report, Del Mar Publishing reference book for schools, Making Music, London, England, Guitar Player Magazine, ASHA Media Update, Los Angeles Times, Oakland Tribune, Los Angeles Reader, Sun, Scripps Howard News, New York Times, Mademoiselle Magazine, Golden Gater University of San Francisco, CA.


H.E.A.R. begins national information and earplug distribution programs at concert venues, music conferences, guitar and drum clinics (drummers Carmine Appice and Hal Blaine), music schools, health fairs and other public events. Key cities: San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Nashville, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans, Austin, Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami. Conferences: AES, NAMM, Kaiser Health Fair, and national music conferences.

H.E.A.R. conducts earplugs distribution campaign with KOSS headsets. 8,000 earplugs are handed out to Mega Death concert goers in San Francisco. Kathy Peck conducts interviews with members of Mega Death and Koss president, Michael Koss, featured in USA Today and other national media. The American Academy of Audiology/H.E.A.R. Panel Discussion and "Can't Hear You Knocking" presentation, moderator Roger Ruth of AAA with Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R., Dan Healy, Sound Engineer of the Grateful Dead, Marty Garcia of Future Sonics, Michael Santucci of Sensaphonics and Mead Killion president of Etyomotic Research.

Kathy Peck is a panelist at the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) with noted international Ph.D.'s in the hearing conservation field and Elliott Berger of Aearo Corporation. H.E.A.R. collaborates with the National Geographic Kid's Network on their hearing conservation program. National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM) Convention, April 1993.

H.E.A.R. shares a booth with the House Ear Institute (HIP program) and passes out earplugs and hearing loss information.

1993 Media highlights:

Bunker, Barbara, H.E.A.R. Interview, 1993, German Radio, BBC Broadcast Radio, Italian Radio, Live 105 USA Today, Red Book, Town & Country, Good House Keeping.

World Net: The United States Information Agency "Assignment Earth Series" seen in over 130 countries.


"Can't Hear You Knocking" video bundled with hearing conservation programs in the US, Canada and Overseas:

The Canadian Hearing Society's Hearing Conservation Program.

Sertoma International Quiet Pleases in the USA.

England's Health and Safety Executive and the National Occupational Health and Safety Committee of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents' Sound, Noise and Hearing Teaching Pack which was distributed to schools free in the UK as its contribution to the European Year of Safety.

US and Canadian school districts purchase "Can't Hear You Knocking": Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, Alaska, Hawaii, California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, Oklahoma, Maine, Michigan, Toronto, Vancouver and other cities.

National Recording Arts and Sciences, (NARAS) grant provides distribution of the "Can't Hear You Knocking" video to 7 NARAS chapters.

US Army Bases conduct TV broadcasts of "Can't Hear You Knocking" for their enlisted men and women.

National History Museum in Washington D.C. requests "Can't Hear You Knocking" and H.E.A.R. materials for their museum archives.

H.E.A.R. Free Screening Program in New York, Feb.1992: H.E.A.R. volunteer and New York studio drummer, Pat Gesualdo and ENT specialist, led Kwartler, M.D., conduct a free screening program at CBGB's to raise awareness of hearing loss issues in the New York music community and to support H.E.A.R.'s efforts.

Kathy Peck speaks at SHHH Convention in Iowa June 26-28 1992.

1992 Media highlights:

Power 30, Much Music TV, Toronto, Canada, 30 minute H.E.A.R. feature story with Ozzie Osborne, Spinal Tap, AC/DC, KISS, on hearing loss and rock music.

Caza, Jerome, H.E.A.R. Interview with French Television, CAPA Agence Presse Television, May 1992, International viewing, 30 minute documentary, French and English version available.


H.E.A.R. launches "Best of the Bay" CD contests series to promote more awareness among young musicians and music fans. The Music Annex, KRQR radio, Tower Records, Barn Magazine, Guitar Center, 24 Hour Fitness and KAO sponsored "Best of the Bay" CD compilation contest with unsigned San Francisco Bay Area Artist. Proceeds from CD sales went to benefit H.E.A.R.


American Academy of Otolaryngology 95th Annual Convention Kansas City Sept 22-26: Kathy and Flash Gordon, MD present, "The Effect of Rock Music on Adolescent Hearing Levels" Wednesday, September 25, 1991. H.E.A.R. presents "Can't Hear You Knocking" video at the AAOHNS.

At the Canadian Audiology Conference (OSLA), H.E.A.R. presents "Can't Hear You Knocking" video and Kathy Peck co-chairs a panel discussion with Marshall hasin, M.S.C., entitled "Deaf Leopard" with experts in the field of audiology, audio engineering and sound reinforcement encouraging the discussions of the important issues of noise induced hearing loss allowing the music industry and health care professionals the opportunity to begin a dialogue for much needed change.

The Canadian Audiology Conference (OSLA) panelists included Marty Garcia, U.S. inventor and manufacturer of the Future Sonics "Ear Monitors" in-ear monitor system, Marshall Chasin, M.S.C., Aud (C), FAAA Centre for Human Performance & Health Promotion, Canada and Canadian Government Health experts.

H.E.A.R. provides testimony for U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Children Youth and Families.

1991 Media highlights:

20/20 TV Segment, Inside Edition, CNN, ABC, KPIX, KRON, FOX, American Films, American Fitness, The News Tribune, Washington Centennial, Dance Teacher Now, Village Voice, Environmental Action Magazine, MTV News, Option Magazine, Spin Magazine, Editor, Rockers Combat Deafness with Education and Earplugs Sound Choice News & Notes compiled by Audio Evolution Network Around the Globe, Seattle Post Intelligence, Herald Journal, NY, East Coast Rocker, NY, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News.


"Can't Hear You Knocking" (CHYK) Release: The Swedish Government, Swedish Board of Health and the Swedish Musicians Union funds H.E.A.R.'s documentary (CHYK) co-produced with Flynner Films of Stockholm, Sweden.

CHYK features Pete Townshend, Ray Charles, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Huey Lewis, Ted Nugent, Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, hearing health professionals and dedicated H.E.A.R. volunteers.

This super star video, in which young people and musicians themselves tell the truth about the risks of hearing impairment, has received Best Educational Video Award from the East Bay Video Festival and a four star video rating from the US Video Rating Guide for libraries. (CHYK) receives airplay on European and Canadian PBS television and is shown at the Cannes MIP-COM, Donoste, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakian film festivals.

CHYK is distributed to schools and community organizations in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The Cinema Guild Films and Videos on Disability Issues in New York distributes "Can't Hear You Knocking", 55 minute broadcast version. H.E.A.R. distributes school talk 17 minute version of "Can't Hear You Knocking".

1990 Media highlights:

H.E.A.R. Special, Global Television Network, Dec. 1990, Favaro, Avis.

"Ear-i-tation", KF3C hour radio show, 4 hour radio show with H.E.A.R., (Kathy Peck, Flash Gordon MD, Mickey Hart drummer of the Grateful Dead, Rocker's Joey Ramone, Diamanda Galas, Dick Dale, Pam Ball of Golden State Audiology and others.)

Grammy in the Schools. H.E.A.R. distributes 1000's of earplugs and information to school kids in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1990-1994.

Kathy Peck participates on a panel discussion on music and hearing loss at NARA's Studio TEC 90 with House Ear Institute representatives.

H.E.A.R. is recognized at the TEC Awards by Mix Foundation with yearly grant support.

The New Music Seminar Alternative Music Trade Convention Show in New York attracts 10,000 musicians and music industry attendees who learn of H.E.A.R.'s efforts to educate the public.

Bammies (Bay Area Music Awards a.k.a California Music Awards) - H.E.A.R. distributes 1000's of earplugs hearing information to the awards show from 1990 to present.

Events: Haight Street Fair, San lose Street Fair, Making Waves Festival, Rock Expo.

Media: Musician Magazine, Modern Drummer, ABC Health TV Show, Hearing Health Magazine, USA Weekend, In Health Magazine, EQ Magazine, Associated Press, LA Times, SF Guardian, Men's Health, Rodale Press, Pro Sound News, WAMQ TV Chicago, Maturity News Network, Financial New Network, Tinnitus Today, WXTN Philadelphia, NBC Today Show.

H.E.A.R. Launches National PSA Campaign in 1991.

H.E.A.R. video PSA's appear in over 50 TV markets including MTV and VH-1 and Fox, 100 college and 100 commercial PSA radio spots and on air interviews in the US and Canada, as well as articles in international print media.

Artists Spokespersons: Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Ray Charles, Todd Rundgren, Pete Townshend, Meatloaf, Ted Nugent, Robby Kreiger of the Doors, rock guitarist Adrian Below, blues rock guitarist Nathan Cavaleri of Australia, Michael Patton and Roddy Bottum of Faith No More, Primus, Elliot Easton of the Cars, Spinal Tap, Sonic Youth, DEVO, Stephen Stills, rappers "415", Bay Ocean Mob and others. Sponsors of the PSA campaign include the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (AAOHNS), the National Organization for Hearing Research (NOHR), Bill Graham Presents (BGP), Miller Freeman (Guitar Player; Bass Player Magazine), Roland, Westone and Future Sonics.


Pete Townshend of The Who becomes spokesperson for H.E.A.R. and donates $10,000 to H.E.A.R.

International press covers H.E.A.R. story heavily (CNN, NBC- Today Show, McNeil-Lehrer News Hour, KGO radio, People Magazine, UPI, etc.).

H.E.A.R. establishes its 24 Hour Information Hotline and national/international distribution of Hearing loss and Tinnitus information packets to the public.

H.E.A.R. expands their volunteer Audiology Clinic Program to the South Bay with offices in San Jose, Santa Cruz and Palo Alto in conjunction with Golden State Audiology.

Kathy Peck receives the National Leadership Award from National Council on Communicative Disorders in Washington, DC. Kathy speaks at the EPA hosted City of New York Environmental Conference "A Blue Print For Action" and serves on committees at the formation of the National Institute of Deafness Clearing House in Washington, DC.

H.E.A.R. establishes relationships with earplug manufacturers, other hearing health organizations, music industry publications, music manufacturers and other businesses and begins outreach to California middle school, high schools and colleges.

1989 Media highlights:

The Hearing Journal, USA Today, Audio Magazine, American Medical News, Reader Digest, Paul Harvey, Home & Studio Recording, LA Life Daily News, NY Times, 17 Magazine, Time Magazine, Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, UPI, Recording Engineer Producer, Democrat & Chronicle, Times- Union, Japan Magazine, Audiology Today, Oronmarkt Aftonbladgt, Swedish Newspaper, Morning Report, Arts & Entertainment Report Times from national and International new service, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Glamour Magazine, Rocky Mountain News Denver, Colorado, Morning News Tribune Tacoma, Washington, San Francisco Chronicle, Toronto Globe and other national and international media. Murphy, Elliot, Townshend, Tinnitus & Rock n'Roll Rolling Stone Magazine.


H.E.A.R. opens screening program at the Haight Ashbury Medical Free Clinic in San Francisco.

Kathy Peck organizes Celebrity Rock and Bowl-a-thon benefit.

H.E.A.R. conducts preliminary research on musician's and hearing loss.

H.E.A.R. begins fitting free musician's earplugs.

H.E.A.R. establishes itself as a national non profit organization.

1988 Media highlights: Time Magazine, New York Times


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