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Released by:

FDR (Face Down Records)
PO Box 1733
Burlington, NJ 08016

ph: (609) 239-9841
fax: (609) 239-7822 www.facedown.net

Available 3/23/04

Who's Not Forgotten: - A Tribute To The Who

CD Benefiting H.E.A.R.

The StoryLine Up • Dedication & Insert

It was our intention to create a tribute album to The Who. "Who's Not Forgotten: - A Tribute To The Who" honors Pete Townshend, Roger Daltry, John Entwhistle and Keith Moon, the original members of the Who.

The Who was one of the most legendary power-rock bands of all times, with Pete Townshend among the most creative and celebrated guitarists and songwriters. Best-known for his conceptual works such as "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia," Townshend also wrote many of their hit singles and most of the material from their other albums.

Pete publicly disclosed and discussed his hearing loss in 1989 and the news rocked the music world. Pete Townshend's founding donation enabled H.E.A.R. to become an internationally known nonprofit organization. H.E.A.R. is currently composed of musicians, audiologists and physicians, dedicated to the prevention of hearing loss and tinnitus among musicians and music fans (especially young people).

Hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is the number one disability in the US and the world. It is generally irreversible, occurs gradually and is painless. Damage from dangerously loud decibels can occur from playing music, attending concerts, dance clubs and raves, and even from using stereo earphones, or playing amplified sound systems too loudly. H.E.A.R. has a debt of gratitude to Pete for his foresight, compassion and humanity in speaking out to help prevent hearing loss, and the related damage that can be caused to ears from loud sound exposure.

H.E.A.R. would like to thank The Who, Pete Townshend, Nicola Joss, Mick Chorba (president of Face Down Records [FDR]) for his concept and inspiration, all the great musicians who donated their time and talents on the song tracks, the music publishers and the people behind the scenes who helped create Who's Not Forgotten:- A Tribute To The Who.

All the proceeds from The Who Tribute CD will go to H.E.A.R. to help us prevent hearing loss and tinnitus through education and advocacy.

For more information about hearing loss and tinnitus, hearing protection, H.E.A.R. Partner Audiology or ENT referrals, free online hearing test or to learn how you can volunteer and donate to H.E.A.R. Contact us at www.hearnet.com.

by Dr. Douglas L. Beck, H.E.A.R. Board of Directors
www.audiologyonline.com and www.healthyhearing.com


Kathy Peck, Executive Director and Co-founder of H.E.A.R.

Who's Not Forgotten Insert



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