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MTD4Lyfe MTD Family Reunion double CD

Benefiting H.E.A.R.

The Story

This CD is about basstist who sound
like themselves and have something special to say.
There is an incredible richness and variety of
inventive and expressive music out there right now.
It does seem strange to me that not much of this original
music seems to get recorded or noticed in the media.

My message to you is that I simply want to point to
this music, and say:

Released by:


3 Lauren Ct.

Kingston, NY 12401


Artists include Andrew Gouche, Norm Stockton,

Bobby Lewis, Bobby Vega, Jerry Watts, Emanuel Cole,

David Denny and many more!

Mastering: Pete Levin, Woodstock, NY

Packaging and Cover Design: Daniel East for ECI Group

All music reproduced by permission. This collection is

© 2012 MTD4lyfe. All rights reserved

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