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H.E.A.R. Benefit Concert

H.E.A.R. - Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers gets the word out loud and clear about the dangers of hearing loss and Tinnitus from loud music to America's High School students!

H.E.A.R. is proud to announce its collaboration with "Active Physics" the first high school textbook to teach hearing conservation in a physics curriculum. Active Physics, which successfully implements the recommendations of the National Science Education Standards, is an alternative physics course for high school students who would not normally enroll in physics. Designed to reach all high school students from non-science majors to honor students, this activity-based course can be successfully used with students from 9th to 12th grades.

Active Physics six thematic units helps students to explore topics they're already interested in- such as sports, transportation and music-because they're already part of student's everyday lives. Active Physics " Medicine" Chapter One "Hearing" teaches students the affect of rock concerts on hearing loss and tinnitus. The textbook also profiles the H.E.A.R. organization pioneering work, the H.E.A.R. web site www.hearnet.com. and executive director and co-founder Kathy Peck. H.E.A.R's award winning "Can't Hear You Knocking" video is included as required materials to be used in conjunction with the student module.

Active Physics is a whole new approach to teaching and learning physics. Dr. Bernard Khoury, Executive Officer of the American Association of Physics Teachers says, "Active Physics offers a lot of exiting opportunities for the classrooms around the country. We're excited. We're launching a great program here."

"Active Physics" is a National Science Foundation supported curriculum project developed by Dr. Arthur Eisenkraft and leading physicists, physics teachers and science educators under the auspices of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and the American Institute of Physics (AIP) with the assistance of the American Physical Society (APS).

To find out how to order Active Physics contact publisher, "It's About Time Publisher" phone : 914-273-2233 address: 84 Business Park Dr. Armonk, NY 10504 For more information contact Kathy at hear@hearnet.com