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Poster by Terry McGlone

H.E.A.R. Benefit Concert

DJ Perry Farrell (aka Peretz) • Michael Franti
DJ Quest, Eddie Def, DJ CUE (Space Travelers)
DJ PolywogDJ Platypus • Dirk Dirksen, MC
David Denny & Carlos Reyes
Nanette Bradley (Cherokee) with Redbird Giving
Peter Childs • plus other special guests

Visuals by A Waking Dream, and Culture Lab
Video Content by UV 99, and Dirksen/Molloy Video Productions
Sound by Purple Sound, Zebra Records, and Jarvis Consulting
Event Production by Step Into Unity


Tickets $20 at the door or:

Doors open at 7pm
21 and over, please

Grand Ballroom
International Center
50 Oak Street
(near Market & VanNess)
San Francisco

http://www.betalounge.comIf you don't live in the Bay Area, this event will be webcast on Beta Lounge in conjunction with Sonicnet and MTV Interactive. Otherwise, get yer ass down here and help out H.E.A.R.!


Polywog & Platypus In Store www.amoebamusic.com

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